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Palestine Relief

REEL is actively supporting Palestinians in Gaza. Our founder Brandt Andersen set out on a crucial mission with the Royal Jordanian Air Force.

Our video showcases the intricate effort to drop essential food and medical aid from airplanes.

Amid hostilities, we urgently call for expanded humanitarian aid with top priorities:

1. Scale up relief efforts through additional access points.
2. Prioritize safe water, food, and shelter.
3. Expedite transport for critically wounded, especially children.

Even before the recent escalation, Gaza grappled with severe humanitarian challenges, now reaching unprecedented levels.

Our proposed priorities are practical, feasible solutions crucial for alleviating the suffering of 2.3 million civilians. There’s every reason to implement these urgently needed measures and provide essential aid and services at the required scale.

The people of Gaza need your support, help us provide more aid drops, and aid to be delivered by our local partners.

Every little bit helps, and 100% of all donations go to our beneficiaries in Palestine.


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