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Humanitarian projects​

We support humanitarian programs across the globe


Earthquake Relief - Syria

REEL and our partners are responding to the deadly earthquakes in Syria and need your support.  Your gift can provide lifesaving care and supplies to families affected by this devastating crisis.  DONATE NOW to save lives and relieve suffering.  

Two powerful and devastating earthquakes struck Turkey and Northwest Syria in Feb 2023.         

The death toll from earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has surpassed 50,000 people—including 45,968 confirmed deaths in Turkey and 7,259 in Syria.  REEL supports local organizations on the ground responding to the urgent needs of their communities. 


REEL staff in Turkey, working with BONYAN in Syria, immediately assisted with search and rescue efforts in northern Syria. Emergency response teams provided rescue and relief, while community volunteers mobilized to provide essential life-saving humanitarian services.

‍BONYAN was established before the war started in Syria by a group of volunteers and university students. They aim to provide emergency services to vulnerable communities in Aleppo and other parts of Syria.

BONYAN is an Independent humanitarian and development organization established to build human capacity and enhance the resilience of war-torn communities. BONYAN partners with UNICEF, UNOCHA, IOM, Save the Children, and many other international organizations in Syria.

  • We responded immediately with search and rescue missions, a lifesaving activity in those first few days after an earthquake. 2 rescue teams were assembled, and over 200 injured were rescued and transported to health centers receiving emergency medical care. 
  • For those displaced, thousands of food and drink kits were distributed. In addition, essential non-food items include first aid kits, warm clothing, blankets, heaters, and temporary shelter supplies.
  • Vulnerable groups such as women, children, and people with disabilities were supported through the distribution of female hygiene kits, baby kits, and the provision of wheelchairs.
  • Post two weeks from the onset, our teams operated rubble-clearing machinery to help clear up dangerous areas in town and assist with clearing access routes to enable more aid to reach hard-hit places. 

The earthquake has compounded the ongoing crisis in Syria, as lack of adequate medical care, cholera outbreaks, freezing temperatures, and continued border skirmishes pose major risks to the population. The critical task now is to scale up the delivery of aid to those still desperately in need.

If you want to support the EARTHQUAKE RELIEF,  please click the LINK to donate; 100% of your donations are donated to local organizations.-

TIAFI Community Center - Izmir, Turkey

TIAFI (Team International Assistance for Integration) is a non-profit grassroot organization in Izmir, Turkey. Izmir is the main sea crossing port for Refugees seeking asylum in Europe. The center is an inclusive and supportive haven that provides a range of services, from legal aid, employment assistance, hot lunch provision, physiotherapy for refugee children with disabilities, and creative, educational, and skill-development activities for women, men, and children.
REEL opened the “Healing Wall” project in Izmir together with TIAFI, from which 1135 direct and indirect children and families benefit from.
  • A therapeutic artistic environment for children on the roof terrace of the TIAFI center was created, in addition to a sensory wall so that children with physical and learning disabilities.
  • Created a ‘wishing wall’  dedicated to the hopes and dreams of refugee children.
  • Provide children with workshops on horticultural and other topics. 
  • Provision of counseling sessions for children needing support.
  • 10-week filmmaking course using mobile phones. 

Educational and Safe Spaces in Northern Syria

Working together with our local partner, The Hurras Network, REEL supported the shelters that enable the provision of  psychosocial support and child protection services. The main focus of the Hurras project is child protection through case management, awareness programs, and child protection support initiatives. 


During “The Strangers’ Case” filming in Turkey; the art department created a fictional refugee camp. After filming, the tents were sent to Northern Syria via our partner, the “Hurras Network,” to be used as child-friendly spaces and educational spaces for children and families. 

  • 31 tents were distributed and allocated to shelter 170 people, each accommodating a family of 4 to 7 individuals. This enabled families to have shelter in hard-to-reach areas in Northwest Syria.
  • 27 tents were designated as learning spaces. These tents provided approximately 600 children with the opportunity to continue their education amidst difficult circumstances.
  • 2 tents were explicitly allocated to families affected by the earthquake and used as temporary shelters for those who lost their homes due to the disaster. The last tent remains in the Hurras office. It is a temporary safe space for their employees and partners to use after leaving their homes because of the recent earthquake and ongoing aftershocks in Syria and Turkey.

Film WorkShops - Jordan

The Haya Cultural Center is a non-profit organization established in Amman-Jordan to develop the capacities of children in the fields of art & culture.  The center provides projects for Jordanian and refugee children. 


Through collaboration with “The Strangers’ Case” cast and crew, Save The Children Organization, Haya Cultural Centre, Royal Film Commission, and Philistine films; we hosted a youth art and film camp.

30 Refugee children enjoyed learning the ‘Elements of Filmmaking’ in a workshop- taught by actor Jason Berghe of Chicago PD, filmmaker Malaz Usta, and two other talented Syrian artists. 100% of attendees said they had an ‘inspirational day’ and ‘learned a lot about the elements of the film.’

REEL aims to be transparent about our operations. Therefore, it is essential to be clear to grant-seekers that most of our grantmaking is dedicated to furthering strategies with specific program goals or social awareness themes. REEL does not fund unsolicited proposals. We also do not fund individual grants, annual fundraising drives, paid advertisements, or political activities.