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REEL support educational programs in filmmaking. The 2022 class of REEL Scholarships includes young filmmakers from the Middle East and Turkey. Additional scholarship opportunities will be featured on this page and REEL's social media platforms.


Abdulrahman Al Shayeb

Camera Scholar​

Abdulrahman is a filmmaker from Damascus, Syria. He started his BA studies at Damascus University in Mass Communication and Media Studies but was displaced in 2017 when he made his way to Istanbul, Turkey. He has worked in film production for the past five years, focused on producing and managing documentaries. Alongside his career, he is working on completing his studies in Television and Cinema at Istanbul University. He has always been passionate about using film as a method of communication and expression.

  • The foundation awarded Abdulrahman a scholarship to complete his third and fourth years of a bachelor’s degree in Radio, TV, and Cinema at the Communication faculty, Istanbul University, Turkey (September  2022 – May 2024).                  
  • The total scholarship value is USD 1800, which is used for tuition, fees, a Turkey language exam,  equipment, and books for enrollment at Istanbul University, Turkey. 
  • He attended 94 hours of on-set camera and lighting training on “The Strangers’ Case” in June-July 2022.

‘What a nice guy’ is what you always hear when people interact with Abdulrahman. He is such a pleasure to be around and is honest, hardworking, and fun. He already has one award under his belt, and we know great things will come from this young filmmaker.

Rawan Al Rifai

Make-up & Hair Scholar

Rawan is a 20-year-old Syrian who migrated to Irbid, Jordan, in 2012 when the war in Syria started. Due to circumstances, Rawan couldn’t finish her high-school diploma. Therefore, her love of make-up and beauty came from watching TV shows and seeing weddings and parties take place. She began taking make-up and hair courses and learning from online tutorials. Then she began working in hair, beauty, and make-up as a freelancer for private clients before attending an 18-month beauty course that qualified her to work in a beauty salon in Irbid.

  • She attended 203 hours of make-up and hair training on-set during June 2022-May 2023 on four films, one TV series and one commercial advertisement. 
  • She is expected to start a make-up & hair internship during 2023. We are still looking for the best option for her. 
  • She attended 89 hours of English courses at Oxford Academy in Irbid.    

We almost gave up hope of finding a female who could work the hours on set, yet thankfully her parents were happy for her to follow her dream, and together we found socially acceptable ways for her to join our team. Rawan is always willing to take on any task and will sit and watch her peers, soaking  the experiences all in. During 2023, she will continue her mentorship and learn more about special effects and make-up for film

Younis Al Harkai

Camera Scholar

Younis is a 25-year-old talented photographer from Syria. He has been living in a refugee camp for the past eight years due to the war in Syria. He became a photographer to document the hopes and dreams of his people. He had been trying to find an opportunity to prove his worth and abilities in film and the creative arts for a long time, so he followed his ambitions and sought many opportunities to showcase his talents. He was recommended by multiple organizations working in Jordan and had a solid and dependable reputation.

  • He attended over 476 hours of on-set camera training on three films and one TV series during June 2022-May 2023. 
  • He attended 96 hours of English courses at the British Council in Amman and reached the intermediate level. 

Younis is eager to tell and showcase to the world the story of his people; he never gives up and is the ‘go-to’ man in Jordan when people wish to hear about Refugee Stories. He is working on his own documentary, and we can’t wait to hear more about it!

Maher Al Mida’ani

Lighting Scholar

Maher is a 19-year-old Syrian humanitarian volunteer and film student who lives in Madaba, Jordan. He discovered his love for film at the age of 14 when he found a job taking pictures for a party in Madaba. Since then, Maher has started taking pictures and short films at weddings, birthdays, graduates, and other significant events. After finishing high school, Maher attended life skills, marketing, photography, and film courses. He was introduced to our Foundation through one of his courses at Plan International.

  • The foundation awarded Maher  to cover his two-year costs of a diploma in Digital Filmmaking at SAE institute in Amman between October 2022-September 2024.  Scholarship funds are used for tuition, fees, a laptop, and books for enrollment at SAE Institute. 
  • He attended over 180 hours of on-set lighting training on four films and several projects during June 2022-May 2023.
  • He attended 96 hours of English courses at the British Council in Amman in June-Sept then he started attending SAE school. 

Maher is the kind of young man who will work all night long on set, sleep 2 hours, and go and volunteer in his local community. Nothing is too much for him, and his warm smile is infectious!  We have great hopes for him and his future.

Waseem Souda
Costumes Scholar

Waseem is a 32-year-old tailor. He was born in Aleppo, Syria, and learned tailoring at a young age from his father. He studied Business Administration in Aleppo while continuing the art of tailoring. 

9 years ago, at the age of 22, Waseem and his wife became refugees in Jordan. Being a refugee in Jordan did not offer many pathways to success. However, through pure talent, creativity, and tenacity, he was able to showcase his designs to fashion houses in Amman and quickly became sort after. Waseem started his online company on Instagram under the name, which now has a following of 93.1 thousand people. 

  • He attended 1685 hours of on-set training on three films, one Netflix series, and one TV event during June 2022-May 2023.
  • He attended 180 hours of English courses at the British Council in Amman and has reached the intermediate level.

From Day 1 on set, Waseem became an integral part of the wardrobe department on TSC. He whipped up uniforms and set pieces in a jiffy. His skill with a machine and hard work ethic fitted right in with the department. While he loves film, he also runs his own fashion designs for weddings and special occasions; he is a true creative talent!