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Brandt Andersen


American-born Brandt Andersen is an author, producer, director, and human rights activist. His first feature-length film was “The Strangers’ Case.” In 2020 Andersen wrote and directed the live-action feature short Refugee starring; Omar Sy and Jason Beghe. The film opened at the Cairo International Film Festival, was short-listed for an Academy Award, and won Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Drama Short at the French Riviera Film Festival. He has produced films such as Everest, starring Jake Gyllenhaal; Lone Survivor starring Mark Wahlberg; 2 Guns starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg; Martin Scorsese’s Silence, starring Adam Driver, and American Made, starring Tom Cruise.

Throughout his life, Brandt has supported humanitarian efforts, specifically assisting refugees. In October 2019, he traveled with CanDo, a grassroots Charity, to a hospital and refugee camp in North East Syria. He later raised funding to support technologies designed to reduce the impact of school bombings in the area. In 2017, Brandt took a group of filmmakers to the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan to teach filmmaking to Syrian Refugee teenagers, an initiative that later became a full-fledged film school. Before that, he traveled and supported humanitarian projects with Latter-Day Saints Charities in Africa, Greece, Turkey, Haiti, and Italy.

Dina Prior

Co-founder & CEO

Dina is an Egyptian-born, skilled senior executive and specialist in humanitarian affairs and disaster response. For over 22 years, Dina has developed and implemented relief, transition, and development initiatives in some of the most challenging settings globally. Dina has successfully led emergency response teams in places like Indonesia, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, and Liberia at the height of their respective civil wars, in the chaos following Haiti’s earthquake, and in West Africa at the height of the largest-ever Ebola virus disease outbreak.

In the realm of humanitarian affairs, Dina has advised US and UK government officials, government agencies, think tanks, universities, NGOs, and foundations. She has also provided training and guidance to US and UK civil-military units, and on numerous occasions, she has represented the US NGO community at UN Geneva Conventions. In 2022, Dina began diversifying her skills into film production and script development.

Razan Al Halabi

Middle East Operations Director

Razan was born and raised in Damascus, Syria, and has more than 12 years of expertise in delivering operations and programs for the UN, Non-governmental organizations, and emerging start-up INGOs and foundations. 

Razan has a successful track record of establishing lasting friendships and expanding partnerships. 

Her strategic responsibilities include establishing and overseeing humanitarian activities and programs that seek to raise awareness of the stories of marginalized communities.  

Also, Razan has been a member of the “Between Women Filmmakers Caravan” since 2017. Consequently, she has developed a passion for empowering and assisting women worldwide.

Farah Nimer

Programs Officer
Farah Nimer is a student currently studying e-marketing and social media. Farah is a program and social media marketing officer for the REEL Foundation. She is a collaborative, hard worker who is passionate about languages, art, business, and humanitarian work. Farah was born in Amman, Jordan, and lived there her whole life. Farah has helped to collaborate with other NGOs and refugee-centered projects. During her time with REEL, she found a passion for humanitarian work.

Wei Prior

Creative Advisor

Wei Prior is a British, Chinese, and Egyptian art director and founder of Cha Chaan Teng, a creative practice based in London. He specializes in expressive yet considered aesthetics that challenge conventional design practices. Wei has worked with a range of clients from Nike, Paul Smith, and H&M.

Joe Brown

Financial Controller

Joe joined the REEL board in 2022 and served as the charity’s treasurer. Originally from Utah, Joe is passionate about making a difference and supporting initiatives that raise creative voices.

REEL Volunteers

Omar Al Aker

Finance Officer
Omar Al Aker is a graduate from Durham University with a degree in finance and is Currently working as a financial consultant with one of the big 4 professional services firms. Omar is a collaborative hard worker who has volunteered to join the REEL team in order to assist with their daily initiatives and help build a better foundation for the future.

Moram Sari

Graphic Designer
Moram joined the REEL team in 2023 and has helped us create designs for our platforms. She is a 20 year old student at the University of Jordan, who's passionate about music and art.  


Ada Griffin

Communications & Marketing Manager

Ada is an artist and graphic designer from the United States. She studied studio art and art history during her time at Yale University. Ada started working as a graphic designer during her undergraduate studies and focused on visual communications on behalf of the REEL Foundation.



Nada Qawasmeh

Graphic Designer

Nada joined the REEL Foundation team as a graphic design intern. She slowly built connections to strengthen designs in the world of media. Nada loves working with her colleagues and says it's one of the loveliest opportunities she has experienced.


Kareem Abdo

Finance Officer

Kareem is a third-year International Accounting student at the German Jordanian University. He applies his basic accounting bookkeeping methods to record and present transactions that occur during operations. In addition to making cost reports and end-of-month financial summaries.